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Pressure washing is a very dirty job and you’ll get covered from head to toe in mud, sand, moss and general filth.

Pressure washing is a boring job, especially when cleaning block paving with your lance where you have to go over almost every joint to get the stubborn moss out.

Hard Work
Cleaning a large driveway is hard work. Intellectually it isn’t particularly demanding, but it’s fairly hard physical labour so you better be in respectable shape.

Getting Work isn’t Easy
This has to be your number one concern when starting a pressure washing business or any other business. Getting work for any company you start is difficult so you’ll need to have a good, well-thought out strategy.

Working Outside   
In summer people who work in an office look out their window and think, ‘I wish I had an outside job.’ What those people tend to forget is that in England we probably have two weeks of nice weather a year while the rest is miserable. And even working outside in hot weather isn’t pleasant, it might be nice to spend it sunbathing, but doing a physically demanding job like pressure washing in the hot midday sun will make your life that much harder.

Unfortunately we are all prone to doing something stupid every now and again, and because you are the owner of your business you have to accept all the responsibility when something goes wrong.

Tricky Customers
Some of your customers will make your life difficult, like forgetting to send you your cheque, or demanding a level of perfection that is simply impossible to achieve. Some people seem to think that a driveway once pressure washed should look brand new, as if it has been newly laid despite the drive in question been many years old.


Whatever you do in life, unless you’re lucky enough to become a film star, rock star etc, is going to have parts of the job that you really hate. You need to realise when you are running a business that it’s about making money, it’s not about having fun, so you just need to keep your chin up and ultimately get on with it, British stiff upper lip and all that.






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