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No Ogre Boss to Tussle With
You’re your own boss with nobody to answer to accept your customers. That Fat cat boss from your old place, the one who blows his nose with £20 notes, will become but a distant memory.

You can chose when and for how long you work for. You can also take days off when you like. It’s inadvisable to take loads of days off however for obvious reasons.

Hard Work is Rewarded Finally
You’re wallet sees the rewards of your hard work rather than that hard work helping to pay for your boss’s villa in Spain.

No More Abuse
One great thing about being the boss of your own company is that you no longer have to take abuse from anyone. 

Yeah pressure washing is boring but it could be worse, you could have an even more boring job working in a factory for minimum wage with no opportunity for personal or financial growth. A place where you are slowly witnessing your soul being destroyed and spending everyday wishing the factory roof would collapse killing everyone, including yourself.

You Choose your Colleagues
Where you’re currently employed you may have to work with people you really wish would get hit by a truck the next time they cross the road, this isn’t so if you run your own business as you decide who works for you.

Decent Money
If you can get enough work you can earn good money. But if I was you I’d make sure you have other cleaning services you offer tagged onto your pressure washing service, like carpet and upholstery cleaning for example.

Fresh Air
All the fresh air you’ll be breathing and the physical nature of pressure washing should be better for your health than sitting in front of a computer in an office all day.

Free Drinks
Free cups of tea and coffee, as well as the occasional biscuit are bonuses not to be overlooked; I even got a hot mince pie once. If your business is struggling to get work in the early days, these little treats may help to stave off starvation.






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