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Many pressure washing companies offer a sealing service alongside their pressure washing business. The benefit of sealing a driveway is that it is supposed to add a protective layer to the surface that helps inhibit the growth of weeds, make the future cleaning of oil stains easier, and protect from general weathering.

Depending on the seal you buy it will need to be applied in different ways. Resiblock, one of the higher priced seals, is applied with some kind of rubber squeegee I believe. Most others are applied with a long pile roller and roller tray. I have heard of another brand that you spray on.

I don't bother with work that requires sealing. I tell my customers if they want their driveway sealed they'll have to do it themselves or get someone else.

The reason for this is that I can’t be bothered with the headache of sealing a driveway. I have sealed my own drive with more than one type of seal and found it does very little, if anything to stop the area getting dirty again, and that's what I tell my customers.

For some customers however it will be a purely cosmetic look they’re trying to achieve that will inspire them to have their driveway sealed. Resiblock make a number of different seals and a couple of them leave a wet-look finish on the driveway that some people find desirable.

You've got to remember the trouble involved with sealing a driveway. Firstly you have to wait for the drive itself to be dry; it's enough of a pain doing this when sanding a block-paved drive. Also, you'll need the weather to remain clear until the seal has dried, that will take a good few hours at least. And of course, you have the outlay the actual seal itself.


Sealing Tarmac

Some of your customers who have their tarmac drives cleaned will want you to seal their driveways for them too. The motivation for this will be mostly a cosmetic one.

Thompsons make a drive seal that is specifically for tarmac drives that once applied returns them back to the dark black colour they are when newly laid.





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