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I find from both window cleaning and pressure washing I get an uncomfortable pain in my left shoulder. This pain hurts often when I’m not even working, sometimes it will hurt when I’m changing gear in my van or typing on my computer for example.

This pain has been caused by the overuse of my shoulder while I’m at work. Thankfully God gave me two shoulders so I can use my other one, and I suggest you do the same. Try to even the workload between your arms.

When I’m pressure washing the pain comes when I’m using my lance for a prolonged period of time. The repetitive motions you use when doing the pressure washing will begin to ache over the hours.

I’m left handed and the most natural way for me to hold my lance is with my left hand firing the trigger and my right hand holding the lance shaft. As soon as I begin to notice the dreaded ache however, I switch to firing the trigger with my right hand and holding the lance shaft with my left.






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