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Hi my name is Dave and I run a successful pressure washing business in Birmingham, England called: ShineTime

This website offers free information designed to help people who want to start-up their own pressure washing companies.

The information found within this website is based on my own experiences of the pressure washing trade, including the difficulties I’ve encountered and how I overcame them.

By reading through this website it will hopefully give you a better idea of whether or not pressure washing is the business for you.

To be read before you test drive that Lamborghini

The first thing you need to understand, especially if this is your first time running your own business, is that it’s a very competitive world out there. Doing the actual job of pressure washing is fairly straight forward. The hard part is getting the work.

Many people when they first start a business just expect the thing to hit the ground running, these people soon learn that it rarely works like that as the world isn’t waiting for their business launch date. Often, demoralised by their lack of early success, these would-be entrepreneurs admit defeat and their business fails.

Don’t start your pressure washing business—or any business for that matter—on the premise that you’ll make loads of easy money and have lots of freedom and free time to live the life you want.

The stark reality is that you probably won’t make a whole lot of money at first, and in the early days you’ll have to work a lot of hours to get your business motoring, a lot more than you probably did in your old job. And I believe if you want your business to continue to expand, you’ll have to continue to work long hours long after those early days have passed.

One thing I will say is that it’s good to diversify: maybe you start a pressure washing company, but then why not expand that into a window cleaning business as well? I started a window cleaning business first and then expanded from there. But then why just do cleaning businesses, you could do something else completely unrelated to your pressure washing company. The opportunities are endless.

Another thing you need to remember is that for the most part pressure washing is a seasonal business: people usually have their driveways and patios cleaned in the spring or in summer. When I first started in the pressure washing trade it was in winter, and needless to say getting work at that time of year proved very difficult.







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