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Loads of people have conservatories, but the one thing about them is that while they look nice when they are new, they rapidly develop a green slime over them. This green covering of algae is particularly noticeable when you consider that most conservatories are white Upvc.

Now while it’s relatively straightforward for a homeowner to clean the windows, frames and window sills of their conservatory, by either doing it themselves, or employing the services of a window cleaner to do it for them, cleaning the roof is not such a straightforward task.

Many people think that is okay to pressure wash a conservatory roof, but it actually isn’t.  The pressure washer, while it will get the roof clean, will also damage the seals of the glass or plastic roof panels. This results in the roof springing leaks.

However, what you can clean with a pressure washing lance is the finery at the top of the conservatory. The finery is the spiky, decorative stuff found on the top of the conservatory, at least that’s what I refer to it as. It will be much quicker to clean this with your pressure washer than to do it by hand.

It is much better to use either a water fed pole to clean the roof panels from a stepladder positioned alongside the conservatory, or a traditional window cleaning pole from a stepladder. You can also use specialist conservatory roof ladders.


Cleaning a conservatory roof instructions

Set up your conservatory ladder or step ladder alongside the conservatory

Set up your pressure washer.

Fire up your pressure washer, grab your pressure washing lance, climb your ladder and pressure wash the finery (spiky decorative part on conservatory roof) DON’T PRESSURE WASH THE ROOF PANELS. It will be very tempting to pressure wash the roof panels because it will save you an awful lot of time and elbow grease, but I advise against it. It’s your business though so you’re the boss and you make the decisions. 

Now you have a choice: You can move your ladder and clean the rest of the finery on the other side of the conservatory.
Or you can choose to clean the roof panels on the side of the finery you’ve just cleaned, before tackling the other side of the conservatory.

After you’ve cleaned all the finery you’ll want to start on the roof panels. This either entails the use of a Water Fed Pole, or a traditional window cleaning pole that attaches traditional window cleaning tools to it like a squeegee, or a conservatory roof ladder, or a combination of all of the above. You’ll find it most effective to use your window cleaning poles from a ladder that is alongside or either leaning against the conservatory roof.

Once you’ve got all the finery and roof panels clean you’ll want to clean the conservatory gutters. First you want to clean everything from inside the gutter, moss, mud, etc. I do this by just using my hands and placing the mud in a bucket. After this is done you wipe clean the outside of the conservatory gutters using a combination of clean cloths, a window cleaning T-bar/Applicator and another bucket filled with water and detergent.

Alternatively you could choose to pressure wash the outside of the conservatory gutters like you did with the finery to save time.

The last job is clean all the windows frames and sills because during the roof and gutter cleaning process they will have gotten dirty. You do this job by either using a Water Fed Pole or traditional window cleaning methods.





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